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Try a New Tabletop RPG Since We're All Staying Home This Summer

It's still not safe to go out in a lot of places in the US, with the Coronavirus infection rates still high. To be safe, it's still best to stay home, but many of us gamers still want to do some tabletop gaming, and there are tons of opportunities to do so online.

As well, this is a great time to branch out and try some new things as a gamer. There are some amazing sales and freebies in the RPG world right now that make for an incredible opportunity to try a new game.

The first, is the Pathfinder 2nd edition Humble Bundle. For $20 you can have most of the books

published for this game on PDF, which is incredible considering that it came out less than a year ago! The Core Rulebook and Bestiary will get you started on this game not to mention all of the maps, scenarios, fiction, and character sheets that come with it. It's a great chance to expore this game, which offers a ton more character options than what you get in D&D 5th edition. For $10 more, you can even get a physical copy of the book, which retails for about $60 and has over 600 pages! Check out the Pathfinder 2nd edition Humble Bundle here!

Drivethru RPG's Christmas in July sale. Drivethru is the best place to pick up PDFs of your favorite RPGs online. And they have lots of great deals right now with their Christmas in July sale. Tons of titles are 25% off, so you'll definitely be able to find something that you like in pretty much any genre with tons of gaming systems represented, with a lot of great content from the major publishers! Have a look at DriveThru's Christmas in July sale here!

You're not a hardcore roleplayer until you've delved into the insane world of Rifts, the classic RPG from Palladium. It's one of the most imaginative systems out there, with endless possibilities limited only by your imagination, and a ton of material to draw from. And now you have a chance to jump in and try Rifts, Palladium Fantasy, After the Bomb, Dead Reign, and their other RPG titles--plus a ton of sourcebooks. Check out Palladium's sale items here!

Bundle of Holding is another website that has awesome RPG deals on a regular basis. Right now, you can get a great deal on Shadowrun 5th edition, and the Flash Gordon Savage Worlds games. Shadowrun is a classic cyberpunk game that every gamer should try there are, in fact 2 bundles right now that you can try out right now. Flash Gordon is, of course, the classic pulp/sci-fi setting, rendered in the Savage Worlds system, which is easy to play and adapts well to all kinds of settings. The starter set will get you the Savage Worlds core rules to go along with the Flash Gordon supplement. Check out the Shadowrun Essentials bundle here, and Flash Gordon

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