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Book Review: One Man Army

Mack Bolan (AKA the Executioner) was perhaps the most influential character from the cycle of men's action paperbacks that flourished during the 70s' and 80s'. Bolan, who first appeared in Don Pendleton's 1969 book 'War Against the Mafia,' was a soldier who returned from the Vietnam conflict and avenges his family following the actions of local mobsters -- the series follows Bolan as he travels across the country fighting crime (he eventually helps the government against terrorists, spies and crazed scientists as well). One Man Army' features an interview with Gil Cohen, who provided several of the memorable covers for the series.

The 135-page book from Texture Book's Men's Adventure Library line includes more than 120 pages of Cohen's cover illustrations along with an interview by Robert Deis. Wyatt Doyle provides a competent design for the book while the interview remains brisk and informative.

An interesting tidbit, for example, is that Cohen did not use professional models to portray Bolan and actually aged the character across subsequent books.

Cohen's work is straightforward and evocative. It includes covers for not only the main series but its past spin-offs such as Phoenix Force amnd Able Team.

This book is perfect for the Bolan fan that has everything. It is also recommended for anyone interested in the particulars of designing cover art.

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