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Crazier Eights, 1001 Nights & Shahrzad Review & Playthrough

This week, we reviewed Crazier Eights 1001 Nights and Shahrzad. These are standalone expansions on the Crazier Eights card game from Recoculous Games. Crazier Eights is a simple takeoff on the classic card Crazy Eights, but adds some really cool elements, like cards that give lasting benefits to the user each round (asset cards) and one time benefits (event cards) that let players take certain actions and make the game more interesting and strategic. The gameplay is very simple and easy to pick up, but the game does have the strategic elements of complex deck-building games like Dominion or Magic the Gathering. Not to mention, the artwork is amazing!

We reviewed the 1001 Nights and Shahrzad expansions for Crazier Eights, which are stand-alone games that can be played without the core base game. Take a look at our review here on our YouTube channel:

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