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Release on Owen Long, the director of 'Seeds'

We received the following press release regarding the recent horror film 'Seeds, which we reviewed here.

"Dark Star Pictures and Uncork’d Entertainment have Seeds, a very profound and confronting psychological thriller releasing in theaters September 13 and releasing on VOD/DVD September 24. We spoke to the film’s writer/director Owen Long about his long-awaited passion project, and anticipating the audience’s reaction to his very unique film."

When did your work on SEEDS begin? A number of years in the making?

Farther back than I prefer to recall – more years than ever anticipated. Welcome to the wonderful world of indie film making [Laughs].

When and where were you when you came upon the idea? Do you recall?

When I was a bit younger, living in the west village, footloose and fortified with the smugness of youth.

And was there a personal interest here, one that you wanted to really explore on film?

I was intrigued with the idea of desire. Desiring, despite any and all consequences, and the line that separates self-indulgence and destiny.

How does it feel approaching the North American release? Nervous excitement, I imagine, being it’s your first film?

Slightly apprehensive, and exhilarating at the same time. I’m not sure that you feel too different from any opening night for an art exhibition or a show. The heart and effort one has to expend culminate in how the work is received by others. Considering what is involved in making a film, it’s a monumental happening.

The film is getting a lot of fantastic press but when do you consider you’ve made a successful movie – is it when you make a profit?

When those whom I respect and admire react positively to the film.

If SEEDS is as successful as it looks to be, can you envision a sequel?

Life is full of possibilities – though I’ve never envisioned one.

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