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What to see at Wizard World Chiago 2019

Geeks A Gogo stopped by Wizard World Chicago to get an early glimpse at the convention and see what is in store for the weekend. This year's convention has a nice variety of events and panels. As well, the vendor floor has a lot going on, with a wide variety of booths. There are a lot of comic book vendors, of course. We stopped counting at a dozen. As well, we saw a large mix of authors artists. There was also a very diverse set of booths where you can buy all kinds of geek stuff that includes things like toys, movies, nerdy glassware, jewelry, swords (at least 2 vendors), cosplay props, tabletop games, vintage video games, t-shirts, legos (no less than 3 vendors!), and there was even a booth selling fudge. There were also some really cool booths that offered unique photo opportunities, such as a picture with the Spider-van, or the dragons from How to Train your Dragon, or a pic with classic horror film characters. Of course, in addition to comic vendors, there were plenty of comic writers and artists to meet, as well.

Here's a look at just a few of the things we saw around the floor:

The big buzz at Wizard World this year is the amazing celebrity guest list. This year's line-up includes such big names as Jeff Goldblum, John Travolta, Henry Winkler, Zachary Levi, Carry Elwes, and a ton of other guests. The autograph and photo-op areas tend to be flooded with people who want to meet their favorite celebrities, but Friday was a bit more relaxed than normal. We managed to stop by to say hi to Lou Ferigno and George Wendt, and get a glimpse of the set-up for this weekend, when the voice actors behind Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be here!

And of course, there are the cosplayers. Cosplay is big at this event, and there are even quite a few panels this year that will help you improve your costuming skills. We managed to grab a few shots of some of our favorites from the show so far.

Wizard World Chicago 2019 runs through Sunday, August 25th at the Donald Stevens Convention Center in Rosemont. We'll be there all weekend covering the event. Hope to see you there!

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