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Top 10 Cosplayers You Should Be Following To Level Up Your Cosplaying

In this list, I have chosen cosplayers with the specific criteria -

  • Materials (whether digital or print), videos, and posts that's readily available to view, and purchase

  • Social media accounts to follow.

  • Complete detail and in-depth process of executing.

  • Must have expert level and great craftsmanship type of cosplay.

I would have to admit that there is a bias towards picking some of these cosplayers- only because I have seen their work up close during competition. Thus proving that they can definitely back up their tutorials with skills.


I am also aware that there are a LOT of cosplayers out there with certain expertise. I'm sad that I can't include everyone, but I would love to add an ongoing list of cosplayers who have a niche talent that they love to contribute to the community.

Finally - I am aware of the "giants" in the field like Kamui Cosplay, Evil Ted and Punished Props Academy. I deem them the holy trinity of cosplay because they have always been the go-to people for cosplayers starting out on their cosplay journey.

So think about this list as "my list". I just wanted to give light to cosplayers that I currently follow who need recognition for their contributions to the community.


Alchemical Cosplay - The Sewing Guru

Alchemical Cosplay has won plenty of awards, and is currently a brand ambassador for Pfaff. Her Youtube videos show step by step tutorials on how to digitize images to upload into your embroidery machine, and many more.


Jackie Craft Cosplay - Body Positive Role Model

Jackie Craft Cosplay

One of my absolute favorite cosplayers on the planet - Jackie does a lot of tutorials on her social media pages and sells armor patterns on her website. She is also working in a group for Blizzcon called Cos of the Ancients. Go to the group link here. Check out more from Jackie on her website -

*Quick edit: My apologies. The winner for the Cosplay Melee competition where Jackie Craft was in was Emily Ann Schmidt


Canvas Cosplay - The Marketing Guru

Canvas Cosplay has come up with a series of books focusing on building a cosplay business. I trust his texts not only because he's a close acquaintance, but also I have seen first hand on how he has become successful with his business ventures using his talent in cosplaying. I am yet to finish my review on books 1-3 that he published, but I will definitely announce it once it's out very soon.


Cowbuttcrunchies - The Wig Expert

The amazing duo Cowbuttcrunchies have been really good resources for wig-related tutorials. They have been featured in wig company Arda several times to teach tutorials on wig styling, dying and even packing wigs for your upcoming event. But there skills go above and beyond. Regan (1/2 of the duo) also won this years Crown Championship of Cosplay at C2E2. Below is a video of their Advanced Wig Styling Demonstration class at Connichi 2018.


Downen Creative - The Innovator

Beverly Downen has a plethora of skills and tutorials available on her website. One thing that caught my eye is her way of incorporating her Cricut machine to make "cleaner" embellishments on her armor pieces. She also provides patterns and easy to follow step by step builds. Another thing I admire about Beverly is that she creates a great community for female cosplayer in her Facebook Group called SheProp Community. She also hosts a podcast called ShePropTalk!, available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, Podbean and YouTube!


Ginoza Costuming - The Illusionist

Ginoza Costuming

More often this lady doesn't need any introduction. But just in case you've missed out, no one does an amazing, mesmerizing paint job than Brittani Ginoza. Looking at her armor pieces up close can be both breathtaking and can leave you full of enigma. She specializes in creating 3d painted effects on her armor. Check out her Tiny Tina mask tutorial here.


Henchwench Cosplay - Lights and Special Effects Queen

Clare, aka Henchwench Cosplay, is based in Australia. She has an amazing talent on incorporating lights and special effects in her cosplay. She posts most of her latest and greatest on her Facebook page. Keep an eye out for this amazing body-positive cosplayer. Fun fact: Clare also worked part time as a Weapons & Armour technician for the Lord of the Rings film while studying in highschool.


Hiro Creations - The 3D Genius

When I first saw Hiro Creations (aka Yasu Tano) It was at competition and our minds where blown knowing that he had 3d printed his massive robot cosplay. He was one of the few people who really stepped up the competition game. Yasu provides a lot of 3d printing tips on his YouTube channel, including a list of effective tools to use when printing.


SKS Props - The Foam King

Not only does SKS Props have amazing tutorials on foam prop making, but he now has his own line of HD foam! Steve posts a lot of in depth tutorials on his YouTube channel, so make sure to check it out.


Ben Eadie - Mr. Efficient

Ben's name has made it to the credits section of movies such as Star Trek Beyond (2016), The Predator (2018) and Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018). But I've been following Ben because his Youtube tutorials are just so good! He's incorporating new techniques into the craft in a very efficient manner. Thus I dub him Mr. Efficient.


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