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2050: can a low budget sci-fi film compete with the biggies?

The low budget science fiction film '2050' financially outperformed major releases, according to a release from the film's distributor -- ANERKE.

The film opened on a single screen in Los Angeles on March 1st and by that Sunday sold tickets at a rate comparable to Oscar nominees, according to the statement. By the end of that day, it continued, the film earned more money than its competitors for that time frame.

AMC Atlantic Times Square, which screened the film, held it over to at least March 14 and it will open in Baltimore at AMC’s Owings Mills 17 on March 15th. “By Sunday we beat all of the big guys," said executive producer Henry Hewes in a prepared statement. "At one point, the theater told us we were neck and neck with How to Train Your Dragon on Sunday night. That's just crazy.”

A trailer for the film, which involves sexualized robots,can be found here.

According to a synopsis from ANERKE spokespersons;

"2050" tells the story of a married video game developer who is introduced to a warehouse that customizes androids for human companionship. Dean Cain (Lois and Clark, God's Not Dead, Supergirl) plays the role of Maxwell, the mastermind behind the warehouse. Along with Cain, the film stars a strong ensemble of actors including David Vaughn, Irina Abraham, Devin Fuller, Stefanie Bloom, Stormi Maya, Jace Nicole, Shannone Holt, Hope Blackstock, and more.

The satiric comic fantasy was produced by friends and frequent collaborators David Vaughn (who also plays Michael Greene), Princeton Holt (who also directed), Chris Riquinha (who also plays David), and Brian Ackley (who also wrote the screenplay. When discussing what the release, Ackley shares that he’s mostly looking forward to “an audience willing to be engaged by new ideas, perhaps scary ideas.” About the big screen release Holt adds, “Our DP, Jared Roybal convinced me early on that we should shoot the film in anamorphic 2.35. We obviously are thrilled for it be seen the way we intended.” The film has premiered at many genre film festivals including Berlin Sci Fi, Other World’s Austin, and Boston Sci Fi Film Festival on February 12th. Along the way, the film has won 10 awards, so far mostly for the performances and cinematography. Dean Cain, along with the rest of the cast, continues to make the national TV rounds promoting the film’s opening. Venues and additional cities to be announced soon."

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