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Wizard World Chicago Opening Day Highlights

Shining Polaris Cosplay, one of our newest correspondents, gives us today's highlights from Wizard World Chicago.

Today is the first day of Wizard World Chicago! Wizard World Chicago (WWC) weekend starts on Thursday and goes through Sunday. Opening day is usually a short day and runs from from 4pm to 7pm. It is usually a quiet day with most people coming to the convention to pick up their badges. Vendors come by early to set up theirs booths. Few of the celebrity guest came by for an early start for autograph signing!

Many cosplay theme booths this year. Some booths making an appearance this year are Costumers with a Cause, Cosawesome, Age of the Geeks, Windy City Ghostbusters, 501st Legion, and many more!

Cosplay guests such as Knightmage was there today as well hosting events on stage!

The con floor is huge and separated into two wings. We were able to walk around both areas with ease today because there's not a lot of people but we're anticipating huge crowds, as always, starting tomorrow. Many vendors and artist booth to satisfy any fandom!

Check out the photo gallery below!

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