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DOLLAR STORE CHALLENGE: DIY Goth Mermaid/ Sea Witch Hairpiece

goth mermaid crown diy

I had the most amazing time being a sea witch/goth mermaid during the Bristol Renaissance Faire this past weekend. The night before, I was able to gather a few items from the dollar store to complete my outfit.

goth mermaid
diy sea witch crown

And it get's better! It only cost me less than $10!

Here's the full tutorial on our Youtube channel . Don't forget to subscribe to see upcoming tutorials!

Here are the materials that I used in this tutorial.

Click on the name of the product or the picture and it will lead you to the item to purchase for this project. Just be aware when ordering on-line from Dollar Tree that you may or may not be receiving items in bulk.

Metallic Blue Plastic Beaded Necklaces
Just Pretending Princess Plastic Beaded Necklaces, 3-ct. Packs

Fabric-Covered Plastic Headbands, 6-ct. Packs

Floral Garden Floral Wire

Shells in a bag

glue Sticks

*IMPORTANT: SAFETY FIRST!!! When using barbecue sticks and any sharp objects, you will need to round the tips and make them less sharp. This will not only keep the item safe for you but also for people around you. Although I rounded the tips of the sticks already, I still took it off when I was in a crowded area or if I was too close to people. I didn't want to poke someone's eye out. We are not responsible for any injury anyone has caused while wearing this

Barbecue skewers

Here's an additional item I found at Dollar Tree- sea shell bras!

Sea shell Bra top

Disclaimer: As a partner - at no cost to you, we receive a commission for every item you purchase below. Please keep in mind that most of these items are in bulk as well as a few items may be seasonal.

Let us know what you think of this tutorial!

Look out for more tutorials on our Youtube channel!

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