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Happy Birthday Harry Potter! So Here's a Harry Potter Sale at ThinkGeek

Happy Birthday Harry!

Celebrate Harry's Birthday with this big sale on their Harry Potter merch.

Check out some of these cool back to school items and apparel on sale now at ThinkGeek.

*Disclaimer: is an affiliate of ThinkGeek. At no additional cost to you, we receive a commission for every item you purchase on some of the link s provided below. Purchasing these items are also a great way of supporting our website.

These Harry Potter Corsets are the perfect way to put a fresh spin on your traditional HP cosplay. In fact, we love these for crossplay, and we're not just saying that because our apparel merchant used the Gryffindor one to be a female Sirius Black for Halloween. Although they have lacing in the back (and a privacy panel - thank you very much whoever designed these), they also have a zipper on the side. A zipper on a corset? Well, yes. It's not a srs corset, people.

One of the best things about going to a spa is how you feel totally pampered. Sometimes you need a spa day but you don't want to shell out $300. Or where you're going isn't really set up with all the amenities. All you have is a nice soaking tub and your favorite polish for a pedicure. That's when you bring this spa set with you, and you'll be fully prepared to luxuriate in comfort for hours.This Harry Potter Gryffindor Spa Set lets you make your own magical spa day.

Once you find out that magic is real and there truly are witches and wizards who wield it, it's a little hard to get to sleep that first night with this new knowledge.

It has been nearly 20 years since the Harry Potter books first arrived on the scene. Maybe you were 10 years old when you discovered their magic. You went to the release of the second book fully dressed with spectacles, a lightning scar, and a Gryffindor scarf waving in the wind. Well, unfortunately, that would mean you are pushing 30 now, and displaying your Potter fandom with such exuberance may no longer be "socially acceptable.

Many of us can relate to rooting for our favorite teams. No matter the name of the game, the outcome is the same. We get REALLY invested in our team. We buy posters and jerseys, but why stop there? Sure, the background on your computer may repping your favorite Gryffindor seeker, but is that enough? There is a spot on your desk just ready to fly those colors. Light up your room by flying colors of your favorite Hogwarts house.

The Harry Potter book series is a little sparse on the details of the Hogwarts schools uniforms. Robes and wizard hats mentioned, and (other than socks) that's pretty much it. No details on what the students wore, if anything, underneath their robes. But out of necessity, the movies gave a full answer to this question, and boy are we glad they did.

Description It doesn't take magic to conjure up some comfiness. A comfy chair, a good cup of tea, and a cozy pair of slippers are all you need. You may have to supply the former two, but for the slippers, we have you covered. Literally and figuratively. We don't even need a Hogwarts professor for this one. Though, if you have one on speed dial, let us know. We're still waiting for our owl.Get cozy with the Harry Potter Hogwarts Slippers and keep those feeties warm.

Everyone knows that castles are cold, damp, and drafty, and Hogwarts is no exception. But there's no need for the Hot-Air Charm when you have one of these ThinkGeek-exclusive Harry Potter House Puffer Vests! They will keep you warm even if you visit the Durmstrang Institute. Choose from Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin, and you can represent your House while hanging out in Hogsmeade.

The Patronus charm is certainly not as easy as a swish and flick. It takes some serious dedication to create. Trust us; we've been trying for about a decade with no luck. But for now, we can at least bring the Patronus charm into our home to keep away any Dementors while we work on it.The Harry Potter Patronus Light features Harry's iconic stag on a light. The patronus charm can be dual powered by either micro-USB or by 3 AA batteries.

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