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The Abandons- The Next Biggest Single Player Game Out on Kickstarter

The Abandons Kickstarter

Have you ever felt like someone was calling you but nobody was there? A voice deep within the crevices of your mind that you typically give little attention. You felt that voice this morning, but this time, it was clear - it was calling you! The voice became loud enough to gnaw at your sanity, yet you need to find out where it’s coming from.You run to your home and grab your satchel, which contains some odds and ends. As you start moving west towards the setting sun, you turn around to face your home, possibly for the last time. You don’t care. The need to escape is too much. The need to escape the voice is even greater. Yet, the need to follow the voice is consuming! You’re ready for an adventure. You’re ready for the unknown. Little do you realize, you may end up alone. Welcome to…THE ABANDONS!

What is this game all about?

It's a single-player labyrinth game designed by Michael "Dmitri" Blascoe and designed by Michael T. Schroeder. Published by Puzzling Pixels in collaboration with Blue Fool Games.

Michael Dmitri Blascoe
Michael T. Schroeder

Blue Fool Games

Puzzling Pixel Games

Let's dive down to the pros and cons of this game -


It's a very portable game that you can play on any large, flat surface. I enjoy labyrinth escape games like this because there's a bit of strategy involved. And there's not a lot of single-player games out there. I can honestly see myself playing this one numerous times, like when waiting for my friends at a comic con or gaming convention, in the airport waiting for my flight, waiting for my wash to finish at the laundry mat, or waiting for my cosplay props to dry. The list goes on and on. It's also a quick game, spanning from 5-15 minutes. It is also very affordable.


You'll need a space to lay your cards in and lots of room, especially when you don't get a hold of the special cards that help clear out the cards you put down. It is also advised that the game will be better for age 14 years old and above. Obviously it's not a big deal breaker for me, but it could be for others.

The game play is simple - go through the labyrinth and get to the exit. But it won't be that easy - you'll need to go through obstacles in order to get there.

But that's not to say that there are a few items you can get along the way to help you through the game.

The Abandons Collapse Card

Collapse Card

The Abandons Stairs Card

Stairs Card

The Abandons Item Card

Item Card

Check out this video I made for the unboxing, review and game play for The Abandons:

Let us know what you think about the video! And don't forget to back it in Kickstarter.

The Abandons Kickstarter

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