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The Godfather - A Board Game Review

Who doesn’t love a good Mob story? I know I do, so when I found out that CMON made a board game out of Godfather I had to get it. The Godfather is a classic and I had really high expectations for this game and I have to say CMON did not disappoint on this on. Designed by Eric Lang the same guy who brought you Blood Rage, Arcadia Quest and Rising Sun, and several other huge titles, so basically the best guy in the business right now.

In Godfather you play as competing mafia families who are vying for control of the organized crime networks of New York City. This is a cutthroat worker placement area control game. The worker placement part of this game is very similar to Lords of Waterdeep. Henchmen are placed on square spaces on the board to shake down the fronts of businesses. Family members however are placed on circular spaces that lie on the boarders between areas which shake down the rear of each business on adjacent tiles. Shaking down businesses allows you to get resources which allow you to complete jobs which can have a number of different effects. Anywhere from storing money in your briefcase to gunning down a rival family member. Ultimately you want to have the most money in your briefcase at the end of the game.

Godfather has beautiful mini’s like you would expect in any CMON game, however they are on the smaller scale. I personally would find these hard to paint because they are so small. The briefcases are really cool metal tins for storing your cash and completed jobs. Art work for this game is fantastic and the first player token is a horse’s head! How cool is that.

Overall I can’t recommend this game enough. There is a lot of “take that” moves in this game so your group has to be able to handle that. Personally “take that” games are my favorite. There is one person in our group whose name I won’t name but it rhymes Liz who is always my target, cause she’s that person who always wins. I’m sure you all have one of those in your group as well. Well grab a copy of Godfather and dish out some “take that” moves to your game winning bully!

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