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Kaneesha: A Graphic Novel by Ben Miller

Novel written by Ben Miller (Judges, Nerdlife, and Botched) Drawn by Randy Stewart

Colored by Walt Barna. DarkFoundations and Osiris Path

Little fact about the comic

Kaneesha is set in Ben Miller's neighborhood in Gary, Indiana. It deals with the ever present problem of police brutality in the area.

Synopsis In the story, Jerome is killed by the police while on the way home from work. His younger sister, Kaneesha, doesn't know how to handle it. At the trial, even though Jerome was unarmed, the officers are acquitted. Enraged, Kaneesha sets upon a journey of justice. Along the way, she must decide if militancy or nonviolence is the correct path to seek equality.


Story - 4/5

Great twist in the story and a lot of strong characters that will transport you to the world of Kaneesha. I feel like this story gives you an idea of what families go through struggles that younger members of the families involved in experiences like this. The only reason I rated it a 4 out of 5 is because of language not suitable for children and some people may think that the tone feels very one-sided.

Artwork - 5/5

Great use of art for capturing the emotion and the tone of the story-line.

Price Range - 5/5

As of now, you can get this book through a Kickstarter campaign. For the mid- range price of $40 can get you a T-shirt and copy of the comic, along with a good number of stretch goal items.

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