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Q&A: New supplement for Palladium's Dead Reign

Zombie Mondays

We recently spoke with Kevin Simbieda of Palladium regarding a forthcoming supplement for his zombie-themed tabletop roleplaying game Dead Reign. -- "in the Face of Death."


What is the theme of the next supplement? Survival in the big cities where zombies abound. The conventional belief is that cities equal death because there are hundreds of thousands to million of zombies (depending on the size of the city) in a confined area. However, there are ways to survive. That includes clearing out skyscrapers and living on the rooftops and upper floors of high-rises, office buildings and skyscrapers. I’ve got some cool ideas I think people will really enjoy, and which I don’t think anyone has ever done before. Will you introduce new character occupations? Maybe. I’m approaching this very much as a setting and sourcebook, but there are a few new occupations I may include. I have not decided yet, and I never know where ideas will take me when I give a book my full attention. Will you introduce new zombies? I don’t think so. We have a pretty good array of zombies, though artist and concept guy, Nick Bradshaw has wiped up a few interesting new ideas. What else will the supplement offer? Life on the rooftops, zip-lines and escape routes, methods of communication, working together as a quasi-community, how to treat strangers, and a lot about death cults, death priests, their control over zombies, how some Death Cults dominate sections of big cities and suburbs, as well as other groups, and probably mor on masked lunatics and would-be heroes. Who is working on this supplement? This one is predominantly me with ideas and artwork by Nick Bradshaw. Nick is a great source for ideas and fun to work with.

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