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Wine of Thrones

Geeks a Gogo stopped by Jewel-Osco for one of the Chicago area wine tastings featuring the official Game of Thrones wines from winemaker Bob Cabral. The event featured the tastings of the 3 official Game of Thrones wines, and an additional wine from Girl and Dragon brand wines for sampling. This was a free event, and it included some free food and an opportunity to have your picture taken on the Iron Throne.

Now, on to the wines:

There are three Game of Thrones wines on the market right now. The first that we tried was a Chardonay--a white wine. We sampled it chilled, and it was the sweetest of the wines that we had tried. It retails for about $20.

The second wine we tried was the Game of Thrones Cabernet Sauvignon. This was a dry red wine with a lot of flavor. This wine is a bit higher end, and sells for about $50.

The third Game of Thrones wine we tried was a red blend, which had a more mello taste than the Cabernet. Like the Chardonay, it is on the more affordable side at about $20 per bottle.

Finally, we sampled another wine that isn't part of the Game of Thrones line of wines, but it fits with the theme of the wine tasting. This was the Malbec, which was from the Girl and Dragon line of wines. The brand has a very "Daenerys" feel to it, which is probably why it was included in the lineup. Being a Malbec, it was a dry red. It was the most cost-effective of all the wines, available for about $15.

And of course, there were cosplayers from the Midwesteros Game of Thrones Cosplay group who showed up to take photos on the Iron Throne.

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