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Joliet, IL Star Wars Day 2017

Star Wars fans surrounded Joliet Public Library last Saturday, June 3, 2017.

Joliet Star Wars Day is a free event that happens every first Saturday of June each year.

There were tons of activities for all ages during this free event. Fans went to Joliet Public Library and Joliet Area Historical Museum. And this year the event also expanded to the Rialto Theatre. Here are the list of vendors during the event:

501st Legion, Dark Empire, Galactic Academy, Mandalorian Mercs, Rebel Legion, were the special guests in the event - all of which are groups paying homage to Star Wars.

Children from ages 3-12 get to enjoy the festivities by playing different games such as- "Trash Compactor Dive", "Who is Poe?", "Imperial Blaster Range", "Jedi Training', "Scavenger Hunt", "DeathStar Bowling", and "Be A Jedi Hero". A Limited Edition Star Wars™ mini poster was awarded to every person that correctly identified “Who is Poe?” on the poster.

Artists at the event included Dave Dorman, Mike Babinski, Jamie Snell, Cris Macht, Steve Palenica, and James Tampa. As well as Keith Ryan Kappel (freelance writer for the Fantasy Fight Games and founder, writer and editor at and John Jackson Miller (Knights of the Old Republic and Knight Errant by Dark Horse Comics).

My friends and I loved doing mashups! We did a Disney/Star Wars Mashup, and a couple of them did a Walkind Dead/Star Wars mashup -

Stay tuned for the next Joliet Star Wars Day by following Joliet Public Library on their Facebook page!

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