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'Dawn of the Dead' star among guests at CT Horror Fest

A scene from "Night of the Living Dead' -- the predescessor to 'Dawn of the Dead' and the first in George Romero's "dead" series.

Zombie Mondays

Ken Foree, the actor best known for his role in the landmark 1978 zombie film 'Dawn of the Dead,' is scheduled to appear this year at the Connecticut Horror Fest in Danbury. The event will be held this year at the Danbury Arena in Danbury, CT.

The film's director, horror/zombie genre icon George Romero, was last year's main guest.

Foree's career in films has been varied and interesting -- he is as much an action star at times as he is a character actor appearing in horror films (I sometimes think of him as the black Bruce Campbell, although his character in 'Dawn...' is an earthier, less campy character than Ash from the 'Evil Dead' series.

There is also the whole range of Walker Stalker events to look forward to. The schedule can be read here.

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