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Heroes & Villians/ Walker Stalker Con 2017

Every year, they hold a 3 day convention called Heroes & Villains con at Donald Stephenson Convention. And this year, they decided to combine this with Walker Stalker Con and there were so many people who showed up for the big, double event!

These cons are more of a meet and greet and signing events for the fans. And everyone has a great time having a moment with their favorite movie stars. 

The event hosts actors and actresses from TV shows such as Arrow, Sons of Anarchy, Agents of Shield, and Walking Dead. 

I snuck a picture of Ming-Na Wen with one of her fans. She's one of my favorite Asian actresses and was there to promote her show, Agents of Shield.

Most of the fans dressed up as the characters from the show, while others dressed up as their favorite super hero and villain. Check out our photo gallery!

There were also twice as many vendors this year! I really hope that they start combining these 2 conventions every year because we really enjoyed the mash up of genres and the number of movie stars on attendance this year. 

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