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Sheboygan Non- Con 2017

Geeks a Gogo checked out Sheboygan Non-Con at the 8th Street Tavern in Sheboygan Wisconsin this past weekend, and boy did we have a blast. Non-Con is a 3-day yearly public gaming event where people can gather together for some tabletop gaming and beer from New Holland Brewing, which sponsored the event (and provided 4 types of incredible Dragon's Milk stouts, which were on tap throughout the weekend).

The event featured a varitey of tabletop gaming, including a board game library provided by the GameBoard, various roll-playing games, including Pathfinder adventures such as Rhune, Dragon Wars of Trayth, and some incredible table-top fantasy wargaming, with scenery that just blew us away.

Geeks a Gogo often attends these sorts of events as press, but this time, we got in on the fun. We only spent one day at this 3-day event, so we got in as much gaming as possible. One of the best parts was the incredible tabletop wargame adventure: The Battle of New Holland. This is a yearly event in which the army of New Holland defends their castle from invading hoards of dragons, orcs and ogres. It's a classic Warhammer-style game involving miniatures, rulers, and dice that was custom-designed with simple rules for this event (in honor of Dragon's Milk beer). The game board was breathtaking, and we just had to play. Take a look at the incredible set-up:

The event also featured an incredible recreation of the Battle of Hoth scene from Star Wars, for an epic game of Star Wars: Imperial Assault. This is wargame scenery was even more epic than the original movie!

We played through the battle of New Holland on the side of the dragons, and after a decisive victory, we were able to get in on a game of Rhune: Dawn of Twilight, run by the game's creator, Jaye Sonia. The game went late into the night, and we didn't finish until the following morning, and we had a great time relying on the dice to keep us from facing total disaster in a scenario written by Brian Berg of TPK games. It was a tough dungeon, and now we know why they're called TPK games, but what a blast it was:

Speaking of TPK games, we also picked up an amazing new game called "Geeks vs. Harsh Reality", which is a takeoff of "Cards Against Humanity", geared towards gamer nerds. Its looks amazing, and we can't wait to interview the game's creators for an upcoming article. We can't wait to play this one next

But, we had such a great time at Non-Con, that we can't wait until next year. We're hoping to play more Pathfinder, more Rhune in particular, drink more delicious Dragon's Milk, and of course we hope to defend our titles as the champions who took New Holland!

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