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Zombie Mondays, past and present

Zombie Mondays

Sometimes you have to write a column and all you can think of is a blank page. That is usually a good time to reflect on your column and get it on the page. When I wrote my first zombie piece for, I did not expect it to become a regular column (it was just about my musings at Mohegan Sun about the state of the zombie genre). How much can you really say about zombies? As it turns out, a lot. I have written social commentary, examined the tropes of the zombie genre and reviewed films (old and new). I and other writers also provided our takes on The Walking Dead and even interviewed brewers with zombie-themed products. Because this is a geek site, it only natural that roleplaying games with a zombie theme became subjects. I am happy to say we have interviewed spokespersons for smaller gaming companies as well as more established ones. Look for reviews of RPGs of Outbreak: Undead and other games as well as their supplements in future columns. Although there will be a greater emphasis on RPGs, we will still keep the content varied.

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