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Q&A with Magic Hat on 'Living Dead' 12 pack

Photo courtesy of Magic Hat Brewing Company

Zombie Mondays

We chatted with Lisa Kelly, a brand manager for the Magic Hat Brewing Company in Burlington, Vermont about the 'Night of the Living Dead' variety pack that the company releases every October. The pack includes four bottles of different beers brewed by the company -- Wilhelm Scream (a pumpkin ale), S.M.A.S.H Hits Volume 2 (an India Pale Ale), Vamplifier (a red ale with a hoppy taste) and the brewery's signature #9 Not Quite Pale Ale.

Q: How many years has Magic Hat been offering the 12?

A: We’ve been offering Night of the Living Dead Variety Pack since the late 90s Q: Which flavor has been the most well received?

A: They have all been so well received – having offered it for almost 20 years it’s hard to find a fan favorite! Q: Is a Zombie flavor looming?

A: Hey you never know – we once came out with a beer ‘Ale of the Living Dead” with a full clove of garlic in each bottle – definitely not my favorite Q: Whose idea was it? I presume there is a zombie fan in the woodwork.

A: We originally did Night of the Living Dead as a party in 1995 as a celebration of Magic Hat’s Birthday – it was a most unusual birthday celebration. Over the year’s the party has returned - most recently in 2015. In the late 90s ( 1998 maybe? ) we decided to make a variety pack to celebrate the season with Night of the Living Dead variety pack. Q: Will there ever be an edition with specific ties to the movie, such as stills from the original film on the box.

A: Not sure. If you look at the artwork it really doesn’t have any imagery from the great Cult film but rather a Day of the Dead feel. We really wanted to capture the more mystical, spiritual realm of the season as opposed to horror movie genre.

Lisa Kelly

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