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Pocket Con 2016

Geeks A Gogo dropped by the Chicago Cultural Center for Pocket Con 2016. This was a great little convention that features a lot of artists and writers of color from around the Midwest. This was a smaller, but well-attended and intimate convention where visitors get a chance to talk to a lot of great local artists and learn about. Here are some highlights.

First of all, Pocket Con is more intimate than many of the conventions out there. You really get a chance to talk with some great artists. We didn't get to talk to all of them, but we did get to learn about some great work from the people who create it. Here are some of the people we met, and their work.

Turtel Onli

Andre Batts of Urban Style Comics, who came down from Detroit:

Andre Batts

Eugene Ha, who was promoting his comic series Mae, for Darkhorse:

Eugene Ha

Erica Austin of Slightly Off Productions, who brought her comic in hard copy--but also in iPad app form.

Erica Austin

Rebecca Rothschild, a local artist, known for her work on Shero and Vex:

Rebecca Rothschild

Verzell James, publisher and artist behind an awesome line of retro-styled comics from Jam Graphics:

Nathan Lueth, who is working on a new comic called Impure Blood:

Nathan Lueth

Mandel Johnson, author of online sci-fi/superhero epic, Domino Chronicles:

Mandel Johnson

Rachel Young, who was showing off her comic series, Witchman:

Justin Castaneda who had a lot of his artwork on display:

Jamie Kadas, who brought a lof of samples of her curvy superheroine artwork:

Then there were the musician/comic artists of Microphone Misfitz:

Microphone Misfitz

Alverne Ball of Arion Digital Media Group, which had a wide variety of comics, featuring artists from around the world:

Alverne Ball

As well, we spoke to Joe Robinson Currie of Strictly Underground, who had an awesome line-up of comics including Almightly Street Team and Punx of Rage. I just wish I had gotten a picture of him to post in this article.

It was a pretty amazing line-up of artists, but that wasn't all that Pocket Con had going for it. The floor also had games, and a stage with a DJ and other musical acts. Of course, there were a few vendors, such as Third Coast Comics and First Aid Comics, as well.

And of course, there was a cosplay contest, with lots of local cosplayers participating. Here are some of the highlights from the contest:

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