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Our Favorite Show Floor Booths from Gen Con 2016

August has been a long month here at Geeks A Gogo, but we had a blast at Gen Con 2016. We had a great time, and wanted to relive our experience with a gallery of some of our favorite features from the show floor. Here are the highlights from what we saw:

Big Displays:

First off, there were booths that had some spectacular displays. They went big and got the most notice at the show. The big winner was Upper Deck with their display for Legendary: Big Trouble in Little China--they brought a whole truck.

There were some other big displays that caught our attention, such as the massive bear statue from Wyrd Games, Pokemon Center, and Game Crafter.

Game Scenery:

Although, bigger isn't always better. Always a favorite of ours, Dwarven Forge put on one of the most impressive displays simply by showing off some of their newest products--their village and castle sets.

Since we're such fans of Dwarven Forge, we were also impressed by the incredible display by Hirst Arts--who had an incredible setup demonstrating the awesome dungeon scenery that their molds can be used to


Game Demos:

We stoped by a few demos as well. The Ninth World booth had a nice little set up that let us drop by and do a quick demo of their new card game that's currently available for pre-order:

Overall Favorite:

I think my favorite booth, however, combined product demo with some great scenery in a custom-made setup that gave us a feel for the game at the Shadows of Brimstone booth. They had all the stuff we like to see, a game demo that gives an overview of the game, and some awesome scenery to bring it to life. Check out these awesome pics from two different settings:

If you missed out on Gen Con this year, we hope to see you on the floor at next year's 50th anniversary event!

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