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1st Chicago Pokemon Go Meetup Singing The Pokemon Theme Song: How it Really Went Down

There are rumors it all started with Black Lives Matter protesters at The Bean. A loud group of them were chanting annoying sayings loudly so Pokemon Go fans took the carpet out from under them by singing the Pokemon Go theme even louder. Another rumor was that people were protesting servers being down, but that's just some funny thing I used as a Youtube title for the video of what went down. There are also rumors that Team Mystic and Team Valor were hurling insults at each other about to fight and that someone turned on the Pokemon theme song to unite them. That is closer to the truth, but they were just really having fun instigating each other. It wasn't serious.

The truth is I had a portable speaker with my rapper Jimbo fa Show because as the Rapscallion Rascals, a hip hop Rapper/ DJ duo, we were playing the Pokemon Go beat I made. Jimbo rapped and danced with Poke fans, and my friend filmed as he did so. We had some dead time at some point being that Jimbo pretty much danced himself out dancing with everyone there, and we even played breakdancing music for the few breakers that were there. So there was still a circle, and we were all just standing around since the breakers stopped and Team Valor and Team Mystic trainers stopped yelling back forth about which group was better and what they would do to each other. That led to the best moment of the Chicago Pokemon Go meetup for us. Since I had my portable speaker we played the Pokemon Theme song, and that's when everyone started singing along. It was Poke madness! Here's the video from the beginning of the song, dead center where it started:

It was a Poke fun day at The Bean with what looked like hundreds of people at the first Pokemon Go Chicago Meetup. Servers were being a slowpoke all day and were crashing as Canada was getting their share of Pokemon Go running. I'm sure the fact that everyone and their mama was on Pokemon Go at The Bean didn't help much. It didn't effect most peoples' Poke day though. Personally I just had fun scratching on my portable turntable as Rapscallion Rascals jammed out to our Pokemon Go beat. There was someone in a Pikachu outfit who people took pictures with and a few other semi cosplayers though a lot less than I thought there would be. It was a quite hot so the few in costumes were getting hot and burnt like by a Charizard. Some people wore Pokemon shirts and gear, but the majority wore just plain clothes.

In the beginning people held up banners for the teams Mystic, Valor, and Instinct and members congregated by them. Then they went on their parade to the gyms to capture them. Team Instinct won the most gyms so congrats to them. It was a good day for walking and exercise and capturing Pokemon for many, and for us we just practiced our music and had fun with other fans. All in all it was an interesting day in Pokemon history since it was the first Chicago Pokemon Go meetup.

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