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Pokemon Go - An Attempt to Get your A*! Off the Couch or One Big Marketing Ploy

Over the past few days, people have been obsessing about Pokemon Go - an app that you download on your phone that scans your surrounding for "Pokemon" for you to catch to obtain points in becoming a Pokemon trainer.

I honestly have never heard of so many people all of a sudden heading outside, walking around their surrounding neighborhoods and catching all of the nearby Pokemon. In hindsight, it's kind of a good thing because it gives you an excuse to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. More Vitamin D for everyone!!!

The more I familiarize myself with the app, the more I notice that the "gyms" are around places that are not just busy, but also establishments where you can go buy stuff. Around my workplace alone, is it a coincidence that all these Pokemons are close to restaurants and the gyms are in the grocery stores, gas stations and the mini golf place across the street. My theory is it's also one big marketing ploy to draw you into these areas so you can buy their merchandise.I'm not alone on this as Dzintars Grinfelds has also mentioned this on his article, Pokemon GO: Opening Doors to a New Marketing Frontier? He mentions that, "Placing prizes such as rare Pokemon in specific locations would undoubtedly drive trainers to travel there. Public transportation and ride-sharing services would not complain about additional business from this.".

With all this being said, what really drives the placement of all of the elements of the game?

Stay tuned on where we're heading this week! I'm excited to see what kind of Pokemons are going to be there ;)

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