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3 Reasons Why Anime Conventions are Better than Comic Cons

I’m a HUGE comic book fan with thousands of comics. I have multiple copies of Deadpool’s first appearance in New Mutants 98, all of Wolverine’s Japanese son Daken’s comic appearances, and all the comic books Apocalypse appears in of course Age of Apocalypse being my favorite.

So I’d say I’m definitely a super comic nerd with as much passion as Paco de Luica, just in comics. However when comparing conventions I definitely see a difference in comic VS anime conventions. With Anime Midwest around the corner I find myself super pumped up for it unlike comic conventions. Here are three reasons why anime conventions are better than comic conventions.

1. There’s a ton to discover, and there are way more panels that extend into the night. The panels pertain to all types of anime you’ve never heard of before and of course those that you have. Panels are a great way to get to learn about new and old things, and at anime conventions you have a lot of fan run panels, which is awesome. They really present their knowledge well and they are often themed just look out or you might wander into a hentai panel or two though you might actually find something you like!

There are rooms actually just showing anime to watch and discover anime. At comic conventions you can’t just break open a new comic you see that looks cool. Everything is wrapped so tightly in plastic it takes some steady hands to un-tape them, and that’s if you buy something. The learning curve is steeper in comics if you find a new comic character. They have multiple comics and appearances in issues all over the place so you have to hunt them down with anime the investment is just sitting on your butt and watching. And if you’re bored of doing that, find a new game in the game rooms that are most of the time on FREE play. You can’t beat that price. Then go watch more anime!

There’s so much to explore and discover it’ll never end.

2. There’s a night life and raves. It’s like an EDM festival bonus at the end of every night! There are after parties at far off clubs for comic conventions, BUT nothing like the raves and all out fun at anime conventions. One thing that sucks is the lines to get in. But if you don’t want to wait there’s parties everywhere with people dancing and lit! The infamous Soap

Bubble at Acen (Anime Central) had a line out the door all night so me and my friends just decided to walk somewhere else and lo and behold there was a dance party in sprinklers!

That made our night. Even if you don’t like dance events it just adds to the atmosphere. That could be a good or bad thing as there’s even fights sometimes! One of the most memorable things I’ve ever seen one year is a guy dressed as Big Bird almost about to throw down with some unruly con goer. My money was on the thug from Sesame Street.

3. The environment is better at a hotel. Comic conventions are just in convention centers, and anime conventions are this wild free for all stretching from a convention center and into hotels. Some anime conventions are strictly in hotels. Oh yes, lots of crazy things happen. Look for the furries!! There’s definitely a more casual feel when an anime convention is at a hotel, which could be a good or bad thing depending on the person.

Either way it tends to have a much friendlier atmosphere because of the environment at hotels. It’s like being in a real life community of Sims, Second Life avatars, or League of Legends champions. Just walk around and you’ll see all types of people just chilling or walking around like you. For the creativity, community, learning the culture more, and interesting things you’ll see anime conventions are definitely worth it more so than comic conventions.

Anime world, senpai has noticed you.

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