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ACEN 2016 Highlights

From endless amounts of board games, one of a kind cosplayers, video game stations for all ages, memorabilia from your favorite shows and games, piles of trading cards, to the grand finale of a cosplay

masquerade fashion show competition; this year’s 2016 ACen (Anime Central) was that and more. Held on the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois, the convention took place at the Rosemont Hyatt Regency O’Hare and

the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, May 20th -22nd, 2016.

Beginning in 1998, this years’ anime central featured countless hours of open panels for attendees. From cosplay photography workshops, armor and wig making sessions, exclusive premiers and screenings to

shows and games from industry specialists, and more. Having guests of honor such as voice actors Max Mittleman, Patrick Seitz and Monica Rial, industry big wigs like Takahiro Baba, Na-Ga and Shinki Orito of

VisualArt’s, and special entertainers such as KO3, Ujico*/Snail’s House and Reflect. Having as well worked with industry specialists from media outlets Crunchyroll, Viz Media, Daisuki, Neon Alley, the list go’s on.

The convention was a jack of all trades, having thousands from across the country take part in one of the largest Anime and Manga conventions in the Midwest. Attracting people together to explore, create, share, experiment, and show their true fandom insides with one another. As the culture, as a whole, is always adapting and shifting with each year that comes. Anime Central Chicago hit the mark with making

one feel right at home when immersing oneself in the culture among strangers; which this convention really made the strangers feel like family.

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