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A few more thoughts on 'Fear the Walking Dead'

Zombie Mondays

The fourth episode isn’t the most exciting narrative to be presented to us, but it does a reasonable job of advancing the overall story. Remember Alicia’s radio buddy? Well, he’s arrived with friends, and they’re none too pleasant. Luckily, Strand (being the fearless leader that he is) abandons ship at first sight of the interlopers. One lesson we learn is that sat phones don’t float.

Nick (drug guy) has already been sent ashore to seek out Strand’s contact to get them into Mexico. Using the "slobber-me-guts-on-ya’ technique (which should be SOP for anyone alive in the zombie apocalypse)," he evades being turned into a chew toy and finds the friend’s address.

Throughout the episode, we’re fed bits and pieces of Strand’s life leading up to Z-hour. The sociopathic land developer is bankrupt and has resorted to stealing credit cards from passed-out paramours (Strand may be gay, BTW. He kisses a dude, but we don’t know if he’s into it or just playing along). He makes a deal to get himself into Mexico.

Strand floats helpless while Travis delays the boarders. Nick and the new guy (not Strand’s friend, but his friend’s friend) stage a rescue.

We’re more than half-way through the second season and so far, nothing exciting or memorable has really happened. Walkers are only a problem if you go ashore and, as Strand has pointed out, on the water, humans are the real problem. Overall, it doesn’t seem the producers are putting a whole lot of effort into Fear the Walking Dead. Is it watchable? Yes. Forgettable? Very.

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