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Judges: The Graphic Novel on Kickstarter

Geeks A Gogo has had the chance to meet with some great artists and writers in the past week between attending C2E2, and doing a podcast with the good folks at Southgate Media Group (stay tuned for more information on that). So, we'd like to get the word out on some great Kickstarter campaigns that we saw.

Recently, we spoke with Ben Miller about his new Kickstarter campaign for his graphic novel, Judges. Ben is the author and creator of Judges--a group of people who hunt demons living among us, disguised as humans and influencing society for the worse by spreading evil. The artwork was done by Cory Hamscher of Marvel comics, with Sean Forney and Thomas Mason handling coloring, and Marshall Dillon on lettering.

This Kickstarter campaign is to produce a graphic novel of the original Judges storyline. The rewards include issues of the original comics, copies of the graphic novel, t-shirts, and even an appearance to participate in an upcoming work.

See what Ben has to say about his project:

In a world where hatred and mass killings are part of our daily lives, where is the humanity? What if the explanation were simple? What if those who were the most evil were in fact not human? This is the world in which Judges takes place. It is a world where the most evil people are demons in disguise, and only a team of talented individuals can stand against them.

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