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'Walking Dead' Feb. 28 episode review

Zombie Mondays

So here we go again. This time it sounds like there may be tribal war, but once again Rick and his crew enter into a perfectly fine living establishment and everything goes to Hell (“Oh yeah, let's all be friends, we can trade, it can be great for all of us, oh and if you want you can come and join our little band of merry men”).

How many times can they repeat the stories before they find something fresh? I ask though, in the end will "Jesus Save?" I almost forgot that the camper gets stuck exactly where they need to be, but now that things are going sideways they still need to get the camper unstuck and return to their own home. Once again Rick and his Merry Band of Misfits and Broken Toys come to rescue Hill Town from the enemy. I am thinking of renaming it "The Walking A-Team", Rick as Hannibal, Glenn as Face, Abraham is B.A. Baracus and I guess I will go with Darryl as Murdock and a camper over a cool black and red hopped-up van (I have to say I can't wait to see them build a cabbage shooting cannon).

The negotiations are always the same – Rick’s group makes demands and the "Governor" realizes they have the upper hand and want Rick and the Gang to give up everything. The tides turn and Rick and the Gang hold all the cards. Just give them everything they want and hope they come back to live up to their end. I see this becoming a Mad Max type of scenario and if that is the case I may just throw in the towel. I am also finding the overwhelming amount of love stories make the show seem like a morning soap opera (waiting for someone to go into a coma and wake up to find out that they have a twin, but maybe that is just me). Rick has his lady friend, the Ginger has his lady friend, Glenn seems to be sparking a little flame and even young Carl has somewhat of a something. The only problem is that whomever Glenn gets an eye for seems to end up on the wrong end of death (anyone Glenn becomes friends with seems to come to an end sooner than necessary).

Well now I will go through the next week hoping that when Sunday comes around, I will see something from WD that makes me go "WOW, I actually didn't see that coming" or "I can't wait to see where this goes.” Unfortunately I have little faith that it will actually happen.

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