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May the Brunch Be With You: Geek Girl Brunch Chicago's Star Wars "Holiday Special" Bru

Had a great time with Geek Girl Brunch Chicago (as always) oh this month's event!

This month, they chose Star Wars for their theme. It was great to see that almost half of the attendees are guys - which goes to show that these events are for everybody!

Check out the awesome swag bags from the event. So much swag for RSVP'ing to the event that only cost $7.00.

I really look forward to these brunches because it gives me an opportunity to geek out with people (again, not just girls ;) ) who follow the same fandoms as me. And I get intorduced to new ones as well!

Another thing I love about coming here is these girls serve as a geeks-peration! Their geek fashion is always on point -

Missed out on this past Sunday's event? Not to worry - there's so much more geek events lined up before the year ends! We'll be updating the geek calendar soon, so stay tuned :)

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