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Episode Review of The Walking Dead'

After my review of last weeks episode I was hoping that going into this week that there would be something positive I could take from it to write this review. Unfortunately that is not the case -- it was another episode of "oh no we are over run by dead again and everything has gone to crap." Don't get me wrong folks I was a huge fan and supporter of the show for I'd say the first three seasons then I started to watch the slow deterioration. It seems that every new story line they attempt to come up with just ends up being the same story line they have already done.

Let me break it down.

1) Over run by dead -- must run.

2) Find a safe haven and stay for a while.

3) Something happens where they are compromised and must go on the run, wash rinse repeat. First there was the prison, then there was the governors town, then it was the cannibals outpost, and now it is the town. Now that the town has been breached does it mean we get to go back to the brilliant idea of running multiple storylines at once to distract us from the fact that they have no idea what else to do? I think the only thing I am looking to find out is just what life or death situation Glenn will find himself in next time where he puts other lives at stake. Why can't they just let him wander off never to be heard from again? I mean really what purpose does he actually serve? Also is it just me or does everything seem to be going fine in these safe havens until Rick and his gang show up and then things go to hell? Why do people keep following and trusting Rick? He seems to find some way to ruin whatever sense of safety they have by coming up with some paranoid scheme to take control. Why cant he just adapt and let things stay as they are? Maybe, just maybe they would be able to go longer than a few weeks without once again going on the run. It is getting harder and harder for me to stay interested in the show anymore since it has all become the same. This week's episode I feel was just another weak attempt to stretch the story on longer than it needs to go -- hey, things are fine but what can we do to just drag it out that much longer? I would like to say that it is time to let it go and hopefully make this the last season (sadly I do not feel this is the case). I will say however that I do miss Abraham, we need a ginger in the world but yet we still have Leonard and his walking stick.

I'm sorry but I just can't pull myself to find a light in the darkness that has become Walking Dead.

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