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ChiTAG 2015

Had a blast at ChiTAG 2015! The weather was horrendous, but I still managed to make it out there. And surprisingly, there was quite a huge turnout!

Check out the cool things that I saw at the event!

Cute toys from Spinmaster and cute turtles from Little Live Pets:

Making chemistry experiments with MEL Science:

One other experiment that I tried was creating a tin porcupine. It was small, but it looked really awesome up close:

I was goofing around at the Living Puppets booth:

I learned about the force and weilding a lightsaber with Yoda at the Spinmaster booth:

And I checked out a demonstration on the new HP Sprout:

I really like the feature where you can learn how to play the piano through a hologram keyboard.

I also played a new game called FUNemployment at the AdMagic: Breaking Games booth. I enjoyed playing this game, because it was reminiscent of Cards Against Humanity. Basically, you apply for the job (from the card being picked by one of the players) by giving 4 cards with words that describe why you are a good fit for the job. This example was a job opening for a Housewife, which I won because of the 4 cards I picked. LOL! More details to come soon!

Missed this past weekend's event? Not to worry! Check out the next geek event happening in the area via our Geek Calendar!

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