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Mini Comic Con 2015 Preview

Geeks A Gogo spoke with Diane and Sarah from the Vernon Area Public Library in Linconshire, IL about their upcoming event Mini Comic Con 2015. Here's what they had to say about the event:

GaGG: Hi, I'm Monica from I'm here with Diane and Sarah, and they're here to talk about their upcoming event in Lincolnshire called Mini Con 2015.

GaGG: So, tell us about last year's event. Tell us about your inspiration behind it, and how is this year different from last year?

Sarah: That's right, last year was our absolutely first year, and we were super excited to get this off the ground. We were kind of inspired, actually, by C2E2; we went to a panel that featured librarians from Iowa who kind of did the same thing, and we thought if folks from Iowa—if folks from other places can do it, we can bring that to our patrons. So, we know that a lot of our patrons, especially kids and teenagers, have really embraced the comic culture, the fandom culture, and we wanted to bring them something that would be especially for them.

Diane: And you wanted to know some things that were different from last year. Well, last year we didn't have any programs for adults, so this year we've added that. We have two workshops, one's a history of superheros, and one is about graphic novel writing and drawing. And we've added a new costume fair this year, with members of 501st legion. One of them did a doll display last year—she made costumes for Star Wars characters. So, she's coming back with some friends. So they're going to show off how they make their costumes.

GaGG: So, tell us, what are the highlights of the convention?

Diane: Well, one of the highlights is that it's free and open to everyone. You don't have to have a library card. It's on Saturday, November 7th. We'll have a costume contest, we'll also have a photo booth, crafts, some workshops for all ages—kids, teens, and adults.

Sarah: The thing I think I'm looking forward to most is the superhero training academy, which is for kindergarten through third grade. They go through an obstacle course, and when you're all done, you actually get a little certificate saying that you are a qualified superhero. So, that will be cool.

And this year, we've just added the two panels for adults about superhero history and breaking into the graphic novel and comics business. It's really cool.

Diane: Yeah, we had high demand for adult programs last year, since this is our second year, we decided to have something for everybody.

GaGG: That's amazing. And lastly, can you tell us where the event is happening and what day is it?

Sarah: So, it's going to be at the Vernon area public library in Lincolnshire. It will be from 11:00 through 4:30 on Saturday, November 7th. We picked that date because it's the Saturday after Halloween, so if you don't already have some cosplay, you can just re-use your Halloween costume. So, come on over.

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