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Zombie Mondays: Will the new 'Army of Darkness' live up to its potential?

Zombie Mondays

Starz will soon air the premiere of a television series based on The Army of Darkness – the third installment in the original Evil Dead series. The series, which will appropriately start on Oct. 31, promises to offer the same blend of humor and gore that distinguished the film.

The fact that cult horror film star Bruce Campbell is reprising his role as Ash is encouraging. His smarmy, self-effacing charm gave the original film a real boost.

According to information released by Starz, the series starts 30 years after the original film ended. Ash apparently makes a drastic error that results in the release of the titular evil dead. The press kit promises a gallery of characters who for various reasons become involved in Ash’s latest adventures, although they all seem a tad conventional.

The original film is set during the Dark Ages, with Ash drawn backwards in time during a clash with demonic forces that unleashes a magical spell. An alternate ending to the film is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Will inadvertent time travel play any role in the series?

Other questions crossed my mind as I watched a sneak peek of the first four minutes at

Will other types of monsters besides the Deadites appear in the series? Will the writers expand on the cosmology of the series? Hopefully the series will realize its full potential without taking itself too seriously.

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