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ValorCon 2015 Wrap Up

We're sad to see Valor Con come to an end. But we're glad to see that their inaugural event was such a massive successs with more than double their expected attendance! We had so much fun at the event, that we (and many others) can hardly wait for Valor Con 2016.

On our last day of the event, we had the pleasure of talking to a lot of the participants, vendors, and even the founders of Valor Con, Tim and Tom:

Keep your eyes open for our upcoming interview with Tim and Tom to find out more about how Valor Con came to be, and their plans for next year.

We also stopped by to see our friends from Bonus Round Cafe, who were advertising their upcoming cafe and some of their events in the area.

Of course, we took the time to enjoy the games. Sunday had a lot of impressive displays of the game Infinity--a tabletop war game that you can read about here. There were quite a few serious players there with some amazing displays of terrain, juxtaposed against some beautiful scenes of downtown Chicago:

It was quite a scene, and Infinity is on our list of games to try at our next convention. This time, however, we chose play a game of Pathfinder with our friends at Edgeland Games. We were eager to test play their game offering for their upcoming Kickstarter project. Check back here for more information on that, and click here to have a look at Edgeland Games on Facebook.

That wasn't the only Kickstarter game we saw here. We saw the creators of Cromlech, a 2-4 player game about elemental druid magic. Players build stone stone circles, whicht they battle other players to defend with magic. After 12 rounds, the player who deals the most damage wins. Click here to have a look at Cromlech on Kicstarter, and take a look at their game below:

As well, the folks from "Road to Infamy" were there as well. This is a fast-paced, simultaneous-play board game in which players bid on the black market for resources and recruit gangsters to form the toughest crime syndicate in Chicago. Click here for a look at Road to Infamy on Kickstarter.

We'll have some more interviews from Valor Con 2015 in the coming weeks. And be sure to check out their website here for information on Valor Con 2016!

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