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Geek Girl Brunch Chicago - Back to the Future

​Another amazing geek-themed event was hosted by Geek Girl Brunch's Chicago Chapter on Sunday, October 18, 2015.

Geek Girl Brunch hosts a different themed- event every other month and this month's theme was Back to the Future - just in time to be in-line for the big day on Wednesday which is one of the most noteable days from the movie. (Last month's was Sailor Moon. You can find the article here).

The ladies outdid the event once again, giving away handmade rubik's cube boxes filled with candy and trinkets reminiscent of different items from the movie.

Alien Entertainment graciously donated a couple of car license plates for the event's raffle drawing.

And of course the venue they picked had an excellent brunch menu! Township is one of the best known places in the area for brunch, offering a very different take on your typical breakfast food - mixing some Asian influence on most fo their dishes.

Also, I would like to encourge EVERYONE to these event - it's not just for geek girls ;) Get some cool swag bags as well as network and chat with other geeks from the area.

Check out the photo gallery from the event!

Missed out on this past weekend's event? Check out our geek calendar for the next event in the area!

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