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#WEWANTWIDOW: Black Widow Flash Mob and On-line Takeover



WHAT: Kristin Rielly and Jay Justice coordinated a massive multi-city flash mob for June 6th 2015, where hundreds of cosplayers will be dressed as Black Widow to send a POSITIVE message that this is a character we WANT to see more of. We want to see her star in her own movie, we want to see more of her merchandise in stores!

Here's more from the organizer's event page on Facebook -

I think it would be super fun and a real positive way to make a feminist statement to Marvel & Disney. To make our message #WEWANTWIDOW as effective as possible, we need to support the BW image. I strongly believe that we need more female superheroes in the spotlight, but this is a BW Flash Mob. I specifically chose her image in response to all the BW shunning done by Marvel/Disney recently – the movie, t...he interviews, the lack of merch, etc. So In response to the #WhereIsNatasha, we are all banning together to make a simple statement loud and clear – We Want Widow!

Each city flash mob has a secret location where Natashas (or rather, Natalia Alianova Romanova) will appear, create buzz, get their images online, and trend our message #WEWANTWIDOW.

In collaboration with our cosplayers, we have hundreds of online supporters that will be simultaneously changing their profiles to a Black Widow image while sharing our flash mob photos across every social media site. WHEN: Saturday, June 6 2015 beginning at 12:00 p.m. local time

WHERE: From Seattle to Boston, and Canada to Sydney

WHO: We have hundreds of cosplayers and online supporters already signed up for this massive event. Our “City Captains” are the ladies organizing this important event in their hometown: Kristin Rielly (Founder & Event Coordinator), Jay Justice (Event Coordinator, Philly), Juli Mayers (Boston), Autumn Wheelock (NYC), Andrea Levine (NYC), Jennifer K. Stuller (Seattle), Theresa Marie Salvador (Tampa), Jennifer Williams (Las Vegas), Belle Bredehoft (D.C.), Tanya Wheelock (Orlando), Sarah Boutcher (Ottawa), Priscilla Crocker (Minneapolis), Kelly Kirstein (Detroit), Keisha Howard (Chicago), Courtney Cuellar (San Diego), John Marcotte (Sacramento), Stephanie Rector (Sacramento), Catherine Kyle (Boise), and Variable (Sydney).

*In memory of Terrance Kelly, father of our honorary City Captain Bronwyn Kelly*

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