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Ultimate Friday Night Fights: Video Gamers and Beer Drinkers Battle Cage Match Style

Your Friday nights are about to get interesting!

Hidden in Chicago's Industrial Corridor lies a guest-list only event where gamers and beer geeks compete.

The best part? It's FREE! The drinks are free, and no entrance fee!

"The biggest thing we’re trying to do, is change the way video games are watched, considered, and even played. For an industry as large as it is, the mass audience of people pretend like its a “kids-only” hobby, when in fact we all know statistically that’s not the case. GUI is a way for us to break that stereotype, and also, build a live show that trumps TV’s ability in live interaction. I’m a producer for ABC and my whole team is or has worked in TV stations in Chicago, so we’re coming at the live streaming element with a redefined look. It isn’t a webcam, a headset, and a game that we’re calling a “lifestream”. It’s a lot more than that. In fact, we refer to what we’re doing as “Internet-broadcasted”. " - Jared Hoffa, creator of GUI: Gaming Under The Influence.

Jared Hoffa is also known as the App Man from Windy City Live (Channel 7). A couple of years ago, while Jared was in Korea, he stumbled upon a live game show that encouraged a lot of participation from the audience. He also found out during his trip that the gamers on this show are actually paid to play. And with that came the inspiration behind GUI - Gaming Under the Influence.

Jared created a live streaming weekly event, that combines gaming and drinking. The competition involves 3 contestants who go through a series of video game and drinking challenges. He wanted a show that would create something more fun than what you can do on T.V.

Jared's team is composed of around 10 people, including IPG's (I Play Games) founder, Kevin Fair - the man with the golden voice!

With Kevin Fair from

This all sounds very intimidating, since you'd think you have to be a hard-core gamer or a strong drinker to win the game. It's hardly the case at all! Think of it as a Friday night hanging out with friends, except that other people influence the outcome! Because people who can't make it to the show have a chance to participate in the competition--the event broadcasts live every Friday, and online viewers can vote for things to happen and still be a a part of the show!

So how do you get into this event? Attendees should be 21+ and you HAVE to register on the site each week.

Want to be the week's champion? Contact GUI through the website -

GeeksAGogo was also at the show! Check out last week's episode -

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