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Level 257 - Pacman: A Different Kind of Geek Hangout


It was such a great time celebrating one of my friend's birthdays in this place. How have I not heard of it before?

​​In honor of PacMan's 35th anniversary, I'm pleased to highlight this awesome geek hang out located less than an hour outside of Chicago.

Level 257 is a part bowling alley, part arcade, part bar and restaurant in Schaumburg, IL.

This is not your ordinary geek hangout - it is stylish and dare I say it, very classy and elegant. Think of it as a high-scale bar built for an arcade game enthusiast.

The cool part about the bowling alley is that you can use video game icons from Pac-Man as your avatar in their score-keeping system.

They even had a sit-down area for board games.

With the elegance of the location comes a much healthier, gourmet-style menu than what you usually see at barcades.

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Level 257

2 Woodfield Mall, Unit A

Schaumburg, IL 60173

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