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All the Candy and Geeky Stuff to Boot

Our first post ever! And I love that we're adding a whole bunch of sweetness to this - literally!

So I was just at the Sweets and Snacks Expo in McCormick place here in Chicago, IL and who knew there would be some awesome geeky stuff going on?! Unfortunately the event is not open to the public. But I figured I'd let you in on the cool things that they had on display this year.

The biggest highlight for me would have to be the Darth Vader jelly bean art created by California- based artist, Kristen Cumings.

Wow! look at this absolutely amazing detail. Can you imagine how long this took her to finish?

Up next is this science-inspired candy. I would love this display in my kitchen. Each testube has a different flavor.

And I get to take home this DIY yummy testube candy

And check out this 3d chocolate printer that Hersheys had at their booth.

Pez was promoting a lot of collectible super hero dispensers

Pez even had this cool lounge promoting the new Superman/Batman flick

And how cool is it that you have these Lego-like candy?

Here's some more cute confections that I found.

For a candy convention, there was a lot of geek-themed stuff to see. I will be featuring more cool vendors from the Sweets and Snacks expo in more depth soon! Stay tuned! :)

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