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PAX East Photo Gallery

Geeks A Gogo contributor Tim Troy visited Boston last week for PAX East. Check out his pictures from the event!

PAX East 2016! Boston, Massachusetts

The lines on the morning of the first day were insane! The biggest I've seen yet, and I've been going for the past few years. It took more than a half hour after they started letting people in to make it through the lines and security.

The Expo Floor - These two pictures were taken when going down the escalator to the expo floor. It is so wide I couldn't get it all in one shot.

There's a walkway over middle of the expo floor. This side looks out over the video gaming section of the event.

And this side looks over the tabletop gaming side of things.

Jerry and Mike of Penny Arcade (Tycho and Gabe) take the stage where Mike draws a comic strip live while Jerry reads off Q&A questions that they answer for the crowd.

RIOT Games hosted an invitational event where various college eSports teams competed in best of 5 matches. Here is MSU versus OSU. GO GREEN!

After the first day's uLOL competition there was a cosplay show. So many people participated that I couldn't get them all in one shot from where I stood.

Reaper Miniatures reappeared at PAX East this year! After being absent for the past two years, they were back with their Paint and Take event where they let everyone who wanted (and who waited in the 15ish minute line) grab a mini from a bucket and spend an hour painting it.

The 405th did a short presentation on general tips for creating great armor, with examples of their work (mostly with Halo armor). It didn't have the kind of nitty-gritty detail I had hoped for as a total noobie to the craft, but it was still good.

This year was a blast! See you next year, PAX!


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