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Daisho Con 2018

Daisho Con 2018

Daisho Con is an Anime/Video Game Convention that ran between November 16 to the 18 2018 at the Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells. This is the event's 11th year. This year's theme celebrated the Year of the Dog. Cosplayers can dress as their favorite characters in a more traditional look or show off in any Asian traditional garb.

Daisho Con is a large convention and attracts a huge crowd every year. What draws people to this con is the location. This is held in Wisconsin Dells. Even though it takes place in the cold fall season, the resort is all in-doors. Attendees are able to still swim in the indoor pools at the resort. Most importantly, it gives them great opportunity to take amazing photos. There are plenty of great unique backgrounds and rooms that will satisfy any cosplayer! People can wear swimsuit- based cosplays. Not only can they still feel warm, they are able to take advantage to the jungle theme resort too!

Just like most cons, this had many different activities one can partake in. There are plenty of panels to enjoy. The convention has popular cosplayers as well as voice actors and musicians as guests. There are large rooms for video and table-top gaming, anime and movie watching, and of course, vendor and artist ally for attendees to make purchases!

The highlight of the convention was the Cosplay Contest. Daisho Con runs their contest very professionally. They have a staff of judges that will carefully examine participants' costumes and talk to each attendee that applies to the contest. Most conventions base the winners off of audience applause. This convention did offer audience choice award, but all of the awards were based off of skill and presentation. The contest also had a talent and skit portion. People were able to show off their comedic skills, singing, or whatever they wanted to showcase on stage.

The Best in Show prize went to the couple with a cosplay from the anime and live action of Rose of Versailles. Her dress (and his uniform, she made them both) and performance won, hands down. They presented a beautiful dress, showed off their amazing crafting skills, and also performed a skit. She took over a year to make this intricate gown. Please look at the photos of this amazing creation (Reference photo and actual photo included)!

Rose of Versailles Daisho Con 2018

Daisho Con also has amazing pool after parties and the rave for attendees that want to stay up all night! This is a huge draw for the con. Overall there maybe have been around 6000 that attended this convention! It is a lot of fun. Room prices are decent and badge prices are low ($35 for weekend for early bird pricing). 2019, the resort will be going through renovation and adding another huge hall. I cannot wait to see how amazing this show can be with all the new upgrades! Absolutely recommend potential new comers to come out next year and check out this convention!


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