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Bagthulhu: A New Lovecraftian Horror Rises…To Hold Your Dice

You love rolling dice when playing tabletop games and you love the Cthulhu mythos, now combine your loves with Bagthulhu a diabolically adorable Cthulhu dicebag. Wayward Masquerade brings you this adorably cuddly lovecraftiatian abomination through Kickstarter starting May 1st. The crowdfunding campaign allow Bagthulhu to be produced on a larger scale, allowing him to be available to more cultists….err, fans, at a lower price. Find

the Kickstarter here:

“One night, a couple of years ago, a cuddly little abomination wormed his way into my brain and refused to be quiet until I gave him a body and a name”, said Bridget Hughes the designer of Bagthulhu, “Now he wants to take over the world. I'm... surprisingly ok with that.”

Bagthulhu is an unspeakable horror in the form of a cuddly soft toy dicebag for the most discerning of cultists. He likes dice, souls, and comfy places to wait dreaming. In his earthly form Bagthulhu is made of super soft microfleece or plush, and stands 20cm/8in tall. Flip back his head to reveal a dicebag belly with a double drawstring closure. His monstrous appetite has been specially upgraded for this campaign to devour up to 100 standard sized dice with room left over for an innocent soul.

Bagthulhu Specs

Height: 8” (20cm)

Wingspan: 10 ½” (26cm)

Capacity: 100 dice

Materials: Plush or Microfleece, polyfill stuffing, evil

Possible Side Effects:

Madness, Non-euclidian dice, the rise of R’lyeh, Enlsavement of all humankind, and the end of the world as we know it.

About Wayward Masquerade

Wayward Masquerade is currently a one woman operation. Bridget is an rpg geek with a demonic sewing machine, from New Zealand. She believes in protecting the workers in our supply chain and will not accept poor quality or poor working conditions from our associates. You can find out more about Wayward Masquerade at and on Twitter @WaywardMasq


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