Book Review: 'Deadly Pursuit' by Will Thomas

November 25, 2019



Victorian Musings and Ripping Yarns

(In Brief)

The latest entry in the Cyrus Barker series, 'Deadly Pursuit,' should please regular readers of the series. Barker, an eccentric "enquiry agent" (essentially a private detective) goes through his usual paces with sidekick Thomas Llewelyn (the narrator -- basicaly Barker's Watson.

The dense plot involves the Templars, German spies and what may be a lost Christian gospel. Writer Will Thomas works in his usual fascination with martial arts (this book features old school European Swordsmanship). Our heroes encounter colorful characters such as mismatched brothers (one is an atheist from America and the other is a preacher that believes in eugenics) while handling a job for England's foreign office involving a satchel that the British government wants returned to the Vatican.

This entry doesn't deviate much from the basic series formula. But anyone that enjoyed the earlier books should like this one.


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