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Q&A: "Devil's Revenge"

We had a conversation with director Jared Cohn, who has made several films for film studio The Asylum (known for the various "mock-busters"), regarding his horror film "The Devil's Revenge." He discussed the films origins, his Lynard Skynard biopic and what it was like to work with William Shatner and Jeri Ryan.

Geeksagogo: What sparked the idea for The Devil's Revenge?

Cohn: Years ago the writer of the Next Generation, Maurice Hurley and William Shatner came up with the story for a movie called La Reliqua, about a relic that contained evil powers. Fast forward to the present; Shatner has the script still and wants to make it. He originally was going to play the 40 year old lead, but now he played the father of the lead. Maurice passed away, sadly. The script was written awhile ago. Geeksagogo: Where you influenced by particular directors when creating the film?

Cohn: Despite the horror, I was going for a George Lucas, adventure vibe. I think that came through organically with the cast. I wanted the beautiful locations to almost look like really well built sets. There’s something really cool about walking into a well built set, and of course there’s also something cool about walking into a spectacular underwater cave in Kentucky, but that’s the fun in movie making - what’s real and what’s not. Sometimes fake can be more interesting. Geeksagogo: What was it like working with William Shatner and Jeri Ryan?

Cohn: Great. I mean, I grew up watching Star Trek, and Jeri Ryan’s Borg character was super-cool, so to be able to work with her in person was an incredible experience. Both of them are really smart, and talented people. Geeksagogo: Can you tell us about your Lynard Skynard biographical film?

Cohn: The movie has been submitted to a lot of film festivals. The festival circuit is of course it’s own challenge. It was a long process getting this movie to where it’s at now, and it will be seen by some people soon, so I’m hoping people can appreciate the historically accuracy. Working with musicians is very similar to working with actors and luckily we had talented actors who in fact, (for the most part) played real musical instruments. The cast worked really hard, as did the crew and production team.

Geeksagogo: How did you start with The Asylum?

Cohn: As an actor way back in the day, I auditioned for them. Luckily I got cast, then I acted in a few more of their movies and then I was able to direct movies for them, and now I’ve directed 12 for them. One is coming out Oct. 17th. Psycho BFF. Never know what the future holds. You can’t predict the future and trying is pointless.

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