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'Bunkheads' TV series review

The first season of the six-episode series 'Bunkheads,' which is currently on Amazon Prime, attempts to put a new spin to the zombie apocalypse genre -- four annoying people are trapped in a bunker belonging to a now-deceased elderly Korean as the living dead roam the countryside. The series tries to merge the cloying humor of 'Friends' with zombie horror and while the idea is amusing in concept, it only partially succeeds in execution.

The series does improve as it goes, particularly because of its most obnoxious character -- a white aspiring rapper named Kip (Chris O'Brien) who is almost equivalent to Frank Burns from MASH. The other three characters also have potential -- computer jock Cash (Khalif Boyd), aspiring actress Dani (Carly Turro) and the somewhat stable but ultimately traumatized Matt (Josh Covitt).

The actors and writer Will Gong capture sit-com insipidness perfectly. But while the annoying characters and touchy-feely humor are themselves part of the joke, the line blurs in parts and sometimes the series becomes itself annoying (the last three episodes are perhaps the best).

This reviewer is curious to see more of this series, which may find its legs during a second season.

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