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C2E2 2019

We spent this past weekend at C2E2, held at Chicago's McCormick Place. This is the biggest comic convention in the Midwest, and we always have a great time. This year, Geeks A Gogo founder, Monica Paprocki participated in the regional qualifier for the Crown Championship of Cosplay for the fourth year in a row. Check out the Chicago Tribune's feature on Monica and her cosplay here.

This was another successful year for the convention, with tens of thousands of attendees, hundreds of vendors and artists, and dozens of celebrity guests. Though this was the 10th year of C2E2, the event seemed to do little to celebrate the anniversary. Though there had been some early marketing that invoked the event's 10th year, the convention felt like most other years at the event. One of the bigger changes that we've noticed over past years was that the focus on tabletop gaming has become more prominent. This year, we saw a lot of booths for gaming shops, game developers, and sellers of gaming accessories in larger number than in previous years. This was certainly a welcome change for gamers like us.

As usual, there was plenty of cosplay. This is one of the biggest cosplay events in the world, given that it is the home of the Crown Championship, which is the culmination of all of the cosplay contests from the conventions run by parent company, Reed Pop. This event brings some of the world's best cosplayers, and the spacious floors at McCormick Place are a great place for attendees to show off their costumes. Here are some of our favorite costumers from the event:

And for those who couldn't attend, or are thinking of attending for the first time, we took plenty of pictures from around the vendor floor. This year, we saw some awesome booths from the big comic publishers--both DC and Marvel, some smaller artisans selling crafts, an insane booth from Adult Swim's show "Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell", game designers demoing their products, and even an appearance from power tool company Dremel--which makes tools widely used by cosplayers everywhere. It was great to finally see them make an appearance in the cosplay section of the floor. Here's just some of what we saw:

We'll see you all at C2E2 2020, February 28th through March 1st.

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