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Wizard World Chicago 2018

Wizard World Chicago was bustling today with different fans and costumes from all over the midwest! Saturday marks the third and busiest day for the con. It is usually the day where they will host their largest panels, have the most celebrity guest, and the big costume contest! The panels that will surely bring the biggest crowds are the ones that will be featuring actors from Boys Meets World, the X Files, and Smallville. Well known artists such as Rob Leifeld (Deadpool), Tom Cook (Masters of the Universe), Rob Paulsen (Animaniacs), Phil Ortiz (the Simpsons), Bob Camp (Ren and Stimpy) and many more are at the convention signing, and offering photos as well! You could even see cars from some of your favorite films (including the Mystery Machine, Jurassic Park SUV, Blues Brothers car, and more), and even get a photo opportunity in some of them. Or maybe stop by and meet an author whose books you enjoy, or talk to a local artist about a commission. You can even stop by and chat with award winning cosplayers!

Saturday is a great day to see the variety of beautiful costumes. Wizard World hosts their costume contest, which usually starts in the late evening. Cosplayers sign up all day to have a chance to place or win at the contest. This contest usually has around 150 contestants, ranging from all ages and skill level. This year's competition was tough. After making the hard decision the judges chose winners for each of the categories which was Heroes, Villains, Anime, Group, and the Best in Show. They gave a few "Judge's Choice" awards too. At the end the number 1 winner was a beautiful Skeletor cosplay! The winners of the group category was an amazing Beetlejuice cosplay group! Check out some of them here:

Saturday ended on a great note. If you love comic books, taking photos of cosplayers, or meeting your favorite celebrity or artist, then come to Rosemont and check Wizard World out! Sunday will be the last day of this four-day convention. It will be interesting to see how this weekend will wrap up!

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