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Legoland Discovery Center Celebrates Star Wars

Geeks A Gogo dropped by Lego Land Discovery Center in Schaumburg, IL to get a look at this awesome Lego-themed attraction just 20 minutes away from Chicago. We had a great time there, seeing the awesome sights, and checking out the rides and play areas. Though this place is largely for kids, it's still a fun place for geeky parents to bring their children.

While we were there, the staff was decorating the place for their Star Wars Days celebration, taking place Memorial Day weekend 2018. Typically, visitors can enjoy the amazing model of the city of Chicago in this store--but on this day, it was decorated with lots of special easter eggs for Star Wars fans. See what you can spot below:

As it is on a normal day, there are plenty of Star Wars sites to see, including some amazing life-size representations of R2D2 and Darth Vader, as well as a model of Tatooine, including the infamous cantina!

But, if you're a real Star Wars fan, stop in for their Star Wars Days events. You'll even see some members of the 501st Legion in costume!

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